Affiliate Program

How does it work?

We will provide you with a variety of banners and links for use on your website and to promote on Social Media.
When a visitor clicks on one of these links, they will reach our website homepage.
Our affiliate tool will track their activity and you will earn a commission based on their purchases.

Sign Up Reward

Earn on every successful sign up under your referral link. You can choose any of our available mining algorithms to receive your reward in. No purchase is necessary to receive this reward.

Purchase Commission

Earn a referral commission based on the current progression tier you have unlocked. You will receive that % commission of the hashrate purchased! Progression information can be found below.

Sign up Reward(s)

  • Bitcoin Mining - 7.5 GH/s
  • Ethereum Mining - 25 KH/s
  • Monero Mining - 7.5 H/s
  • Litecoin Mining - 450 KH/s
  • Dash Mining - 50 MH/s
  • ZCash Mining - 15 Sols/s

Affiliate Progression

We made it possible to earn and rank up at the same time! The more referrals you gain, the more commission and rewards you will reap.

Tier 1

This is the starter tier. You will receive 5% commission from all referral purchases.

Tier 2

This tier is unlocked after 500 total referrals. After you will receive 10% commission.

Tier 3

This tier is unlocked after 5,000 total referrals. After you will receive 15% commission.